Dump container

Dump containers are ideal for source sorting.
  • Dump containers are the industry’s best aid for source sorting, waste and material handling.
  • Engineered, reinforced and powder coated to provide maximum safety and longevity.
  • Spring-loaded pressure plate on the undercarriage for automatic emptying.
  • Also manual tipping.
  • Other sizes are manufactured upon request.

The tipping containers have reinforcements in the right places to cope with tough truck handling.

  • Corner reinforcements increase the rigidity of the container.
  • Reinforced fork channels
  • The stop shaft is well dimensioned to withstand the forces it may be subjected to.
  • The automatic tipping function is not only for increased efficiency, it also increases safety emptying at a high height as the tipping containers cannot slide off the forks due to the resistance against the waste container.

Dump containers are ideal for source sorting.
Can be delivered in colors that comply with the recommendations of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.

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